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I would like to give a sincere hello and welcome out to all of our new visitors. We originally wanted to call the website, Uncommon Sense (see below article) since we seem to find a lot of people out there nowadays who don't use their Common Sense or have thrown it out like old dish water. We all have it. It's all right to be a skeptic as long as you are open to the truth. We want to bring you to a place where you will use your common sense, hence our first article.
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So What is a Sacred Cowtipper?
A Sacred Cowtipper is one that knocks down what was held "sacred" for a long time because the truth that once was is no longer projected as truth. A Sacred Cowtipper tears down traditions of men, false doctrines, half-truths, false science, and outright lies. He is one that tears down the altars on the high places and executes the prophets of Baal. He is a reformer; he is one whose voice is crying in the wilderness and is preparing the way of the Lord for His second coming. In a nutshell, he is one that loves Jesus so much that he would never want to project falsehood and bring shame upon His name.

 Uncommon Sense
Have you had your dose of common sense today?

If someone tells you that there are NO ABSOLUTES, just ask them if they are ABSOLUTELY SURE that there are NO ABSOLUTES.

Have you asked yourself why you believe what you believe?

I was recently told that most people believe in evolution. That is not true. Most believe in a Creator. But even if it was true that most people believe in evolution, just because the majority of people believe in it does not make it TRUTH. My answer was, "so you mean to tell me that if all of us standing here right now decided that it was okay to just go out and murder anybody, let's say you, than that means it is not only okay but the right thing to do?" Of course, there was no answer to that.
There is an old movie starring Tom Cruise where he is a JAG lawyer in the Marine Corps. Anyhow, there was a famous line in the movie when arguing with Jack Nicholson. Jack says, "You can't handle the truth!"
We sincerely hope that YOU can handle the truth and do something with it. We will lay it out for you.
Justice will be rendered upon all and will come whether you believe THE truth or not. So let us go on this journey for truth together and see where it leads us.
What are the sciences telling us about the Bible? What about Bible Prophecy - can it be trusted? Is it accurate? Is the Bible a supernatural book and if so, who wrote it? Should we follow what it says in there if it is proven accurate with science and prophecy?
It is sincerely our mission to provide you truthful information regarding the sciences, whether it be Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Geometry, etc., etc. Along with that, what are Archaeology, History, and Mathematic Probability telling us?
In science, something is not a fact if it cannot be proven in a lab over and over and over and gets the same results over and over and over. This is the crux of science yet over the last 100-150 years much of science is based on an idea someone came up with and when it cannot be proven with any evidence, they either sidetrack the issue at hand or they change the theory in hopes that some day they will come up with something that will support their original idea. Evolution has done this over and over and over. Ask Stephen Gould, world renown evolutionist, who came up with "Punctuated Equilibrium" to explain away why there are no transitional fossils to back up the theory of evolution. Remember that, it is a theory although they teach it as fact in the schools. Let's use a crime of murder as an example. A crime was committed and the person is dead. A detective goes out to gather forensic evidence. He cannot find any either because there is none there to begin with (no forensic evidence was left behind, or the crime scene has been compromised). Anyhow, he has to appear in court as a star witness. He believes or has an IDEA (theory) who committed the heinous crime. The defendant is ready to go to prison for life when the defense lawyer is now ready to pummel the detective with questions. The first question is going to be, why do you say this man over here is guilty when you have absolutely no evidence that says he did the crime? Can you prove it? Of course the jury should acquit the man since they have REASONABLE doubt.
The difference between Evolution and Creation is that Evolution is lacking every evidence while ALL evidence points to Intelligent Design and a Creator. Our objective is to prove to you, with the sciences, our case for Creation. It is up to you then to want to believe the truth or go on in life with wanting to believe something that has no foundation to stand on. A house without a foundation will get knocked over in a storm. We will prove to you that Evolution has no foundation to stand upon and that the Bible has a foundation that is so strong that you could never crush it. Are you ready for the challenge????? I am.
Do you have anything to back up what you believe?
We want to separate for you what is merely theory and what is bona fide fact. Fact and Fiction are two different things. And in today's post modernist world, what people want to believe is true is true to them which would be like saying 2+2=5 to you if you believe that. This is nonsense for if you go to the grocer and he rings up 4 apples at $0.25 each and to him it equals $1.00 and you hand him $0.50, you won't get your apples. 2+2 will always equal 4 just like the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics will always be true because it has been proven over and over and over for years - this is true science.
Some theories that are out there are so far-fetched that I would have to say that they are fairy tales and if anything wishful thinking.
You can weigh what we say in the balances to what the theories are saying and see who has truth and who has much of nothing in most cases. I like to also say it this way - see what is true and what is poo. We believe God has given every man, woman and child a brain and that they should use it. We also believe that you should use it. Did I say we also think that you should use it? You get the point. Not everything we have been told over the years was correct and some things have been outright lies.
You will see that Christianity is not blind faith but a Calculated Faith that will point you in the right direction.
Written by Robert Marino, evangelist-teacher on 7-19-07.
Copyright ã 2007 by Robert Marino. All rights reserved.

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