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Answered Prayers and Other Testimonies
While I believe that all prayers are answered when they are prayed by people who are living according to the knowledge (light) God has given them, God doesn't always answer our prayers the exact way we think. His ways our higher than our ways and the secret things belong to the Lord. We had a new young friend die at around 18 years of age back in the early 90's. He just fell asleep laying on a couch and that was it. We were to find out later that he was always struggling with being onfire for God one day and the next day in the world. The Bible tells us that if we are a friend of the world, we are the enemy of God. I didn't write it. Anyhow, it may be possible that God took him early in life as for his soul to be saved and as for him not causing others to stumble. I don't know. My point is that we don't always understand everything and that is were faith comes in. Kenneth Hagin Sr. taught that you can have what you say. I agree with that only to a point. It still has to be in the will of God. In one of his books, he mentioned that he had fallen down and hurt his elbow and when he sought healing that God told him that He wasn't going to heal him with that injury. If I remember right, it had to do with God wanting Kenneth to be reminded of something through that injury. I believe it had to do with some disobedience on the call on his life.
Anyhow, God answers prayers in different ways sometimes but it is good to know that he answers them in sometimes a better way than we think the result should be. He sees the end result. God is on top of the buildng watching the parade of our lives going by adn sees the beginning of the procession to the last float going by while we are on ground level and just see what is coming when it gets there.