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 Apologetics Links
Ron Carlson

 Creationism Links
Apologetics Press Articles for students wanting Biblical input on science issues
Christian Answers Network
Creation Education Resources Articles and slide shows for teaching
Creation Evidences Museum Photos of the controversial evidence at the Paluxy River (Texas)
Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries Creation series of videos by Russ Miller
Creation Illustrated “The Christian answer to National Geographic”
Creation Moments Radio Ian Taylor’s 2-minute radio programs
Creation Research Science Education Foundation (CRSEF)
Creation Research Society (CRS) Association of the Bible believing scientists includes journal articles.
Creation Research: John Mackay features some of the best creation videos (Australia)
Creation Science
Creation Science Evangelism Dr. Kent E. Hovind (Dr. Dino) offers a creation seminar online
Creation Super Library
Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia
Dinosaur and Human Co-existence Don Patton’s Web site
Does God exist? Here are six straight-forward reasons to believe that God is really there.
Institute for Creation Research (ICR) Read technical articles and take the Creation online course
International Church Council Project
John Woodmorappe Scientist biography with analytical info on geology of the Genesis flood
Lambert’s Library Research scientist Lambert Dolphin’s articles on creation, apologetics and theological topics
Living Waters Publications Ray Comfort’s Web site includes the supernatural origin of the Bible
Revolution Against Evolution Doug Sharp’s articles and ministry
Sinner Ministries Proof that God Exists Diagnostic
Space Images from NASA 70 free images
The Parent Company Creation Science Research Center with books like Robert Kofahl’s Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter (Creation Astronomy; Dr. Jason Lisle, Danny Faulkner, and others)
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 Evangelism Links (Way of the Master) (Save Yourself Some Pain [discipleship]) (Equipping and Empowering Saints to Compel All Men) (Mike Bower Ministries)
You might be asking the question “Why have you made a list of mp3 sermons available?”  Well I'm glad you asked. Not that you did but we will just say that you did. This list is devoted entirely to motivate and encourage you to fulfill your part of The Great Commission. Not only will you be encouraged and emboldened to share your faith but you will be equipped through some of the greatest teaching on effective evangelism.
To download these free audio sermons simply right-click on a link,
choose “Save Target As” and then save the file
to the desired location on your computer.

 Political Links (articles on politics and relevant church issues) (articles on politics and relevant church issues)

 Trends and Movements Links (Lighthouse Trails; phone: 503-873-9092;