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 Evolution's Six Stages
(September 27th, 2010; Teacher: Robert Marino)

     When most people think of "evolution", they think of one KIND of animal becoming another KIND of animal like a fish becoming an amphibian and then the amphibian becoming a reptile, than a reptile becoming a mammal as is commonly taught and is easy to remember by this acronym (FARM) below.


     Then the evolutionists would like us to believe that man evolved from chimpanzees, monkeys, apes, and hominids (great apes) to where man is at today. But a KIND is not the same as SPECIATION. Speciation is where two animals WITHIN the same KIND mate and produce another species WITHIN its own KIND. An example of this would be if one were to mate a Persian house cat with a Manx house cat and you come up with a NEW cat species that for examples sake we will call a Permanxian. A Permanxian may have a flat face such as a Persian would have, long or short hair, may or may not have a tail, and coloring patterns could widely vary. We must notice the BOBvious (Bob + obvious) here though. It is still a cat and will always stay a cat. The DNA of the house cat is such that it can produce many different species within its OWN KIND. There will be all kinds of variations such as long hairs, short hairs, blue eyed, green eyed, flat faced, full faced, certain striping, splotches and colors in the fur, etc. etc. but it will still always be a house cat.
     The DNA is already programmed [I wonder who programmed it?] to produce all of the different possible variations but even in speciation it will still have its limitations. A good example of these limitations is the Alaskan rabbit can mate with the Florida rabbit but never have any offspring because even though they are the same KIND of animal, there has been a major loss of DNA information over the generations through selective breeding or inbreeding amongst the rabbits themselves. This problem actually further disproves evolutionary theory because if man tampers so much with a certain KIND of animal's DNA to the point that so much information is lost in some of the species, they can no longer produce offspring. And if the offspring at some point can no longer produce anything, you even lose the ability to SURVIVE within its own species. Now the Alaskan rabbit can still produce offspring if mated with the Minnesota rabbit and the Florida rabbit can still produce offspring if mated with the Minnesota rabbit because the DNA isn't too far gone yet to cause any major reproductive problems. A loss of information (the opposite of evolutionary teaching) will never produce better results and for one KIND of animal to somehow become another KIND of animal by sheer chance through millions of years as the evolutionists truly teach, just doesn't make any logical sense. It's absurd to think otherwise and I will not retract that statement.

     I want to make a very realistic comparison now. Just as a loss of DNA information in an animal could never produce another KIND of animal, so can an evolutionist's PHD never make him smart in the realm of common sense? A person who uses their God-given common sense is much smarter than a person who merely memorized some things and had taken a bunch of tests and passed them because they just happened to be born with a good memory. A good memory doesn't prove intelligence; it just proves that someone has a good memory.

     I am now going to say something that I have never heard any creationist say because I am not a wimp and I am not afraid of any false prophet as I feel many of these teachers truly are. Evolutionary teaching is not really even a religion. It is only a religion in the sense that it is something that they CHOOSE to believe by FAITH but religion is too nice of a word. It is a CULT. The reason I would like to call it a cult is because its not just something that is believed, it has no common sense behind it and everything that has been taught about one KIND becoming another KIND has been proven fraudulent or doesn't have two legs to stand on such as whales walking on land at one time. If one keeps following something that makes absolutely no common sense and has also been proven to be fraudulent, they are in a cult. That's why I would say Mormonism is a cult without second-guessing myself. For one, Joseph Smith got visited by an angel and was given some gold tablets that no one else had ever seen yet people followed this Joseph Smith anyhow. According to Joseph Smith, this angel told him that all of the Christian denominations were wrong yet Christianity has had 1,000's upon 1,000's of manuscripts that millions had ACCESS to over 2,000 years now with the New Testament alone along with the Dead Sea Scrolls backing up its accuracy when they were found in 1948. This, along with the 3,000 or so prophecies that have come to pass already and the history and archaeology that backs up its stories has something to stand on. Also, Mormonism had actually taught at one time that people lived on the moon and on the sun. Hello Mormons! Read your history. So I stand on this statement that Evolution is every bit as much a cult as Mormonism. You literally have to throw out your common sense to believe it. A true "full-fledged" evolutionist must believe all SIX stages of the evolutionary process and not just the ONE (micro evolution). And that would include (1) cosmic evolution (the Big Bang), (2) chemical evolution (all the elements coming from hydrogen and maybe helium), (3) stellar and planetary evolution (all of the planets, moons, and stars evolving from chemical evolution), (4) organic evolution (life coming from nonlife), (5) macro evolution (one kind of animal becoming another kind of animal) and (6) micro evolution (change within its own kind).  

     Now back to our lesson. The reason many people believe evolution only teaches that one kind of animal becomes another kind of animal is because this philosophical cult they call evolution is promoted on many programs on TV, Cable, and Satellite. I just watched on episode the other day that made me laugh literally. It was all assumptions, computer animations with absolutely no facts. They should make more of those programs and put them on in the evening as sitcoms. Some of these programs would never change what they are teaching because if they did admit they taught a bunch of falsehoods, their businesses would go under and many scientists would lose their federally funded grant money that has been taken from the tax payers. Some of these programs are the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Nova, Animal Planet, PBS, and recently even the History Channel. It's nothing but a bunch of propaganda and adult-fantasy that many would like to believe is true to suit their desire not to believe in a Creator; consequently, thinking they will not be accountable to a Creator. They choose to be willingly ignorant to the BOBvious facts all around them that creation proves a Creator every bit as much as a building proves that there were builders. Most people are smart enough that if they walked into a field and saw rocks comprising a circle with a ten-foot diameter, they would automatically wonder, “I wonder who put these rocks in this formation?” With such a basic understanding of intelligent design, how can one look at super-complex systems and believe they happened by chance over millions of years?
     These TV programs along with many magazine publications and children's books have been brainwashing our children for many years now. It's no wonder our society is all screwed up today and everybody is doing everything their wicked hearts so desire. The average person in the world - not just in America - believes evolution only teaches that one KIND of animal turns into another KIND of animal over millions of years of mutations. This is called “macro evolution”. To believe in macro evolution is one huge step into fantasy land but the evolutionists actually believe and teach that there are four more steps of evolution that take place before macro evolution as can be found in many high school and college textbooks. I will be talking a lot about these other steps of evolution that most people do not know about just to show you what giant leaps of faith these people are taking in a belief system that has nothing to show for itself.
     I will also be talking about “MICRO evolution” of which both the evolutionist and creationist believe in. Many of the creationists out there allowed the evolutionists to call it a type of evolution and I think that was thickheaded on their part to give them that because it doesn't fit in with the rest of their teachings for two reasons. For one, the change that happens in “micro evolution” doesn't create another KIND of animal and secondly, it surely doesn't take millions of years to happen. “Micro evolution” is merely CHANGE within its own kind (speciation) as we discussed above.
     Just ask a dog breeder how long it takes to create a new species of dog by selective breeding. A further note: a mutt is actually more of a pure breed dog being that it has more genetic information than what we would like to call a pure breed dog today. Pure breeds tend to have certain physical problems and are more prone to certain diseases. They are called pure breeds only because they hold to certain physical traits albeit long hair, eye color, body shape, etc. So much genetic information has been lost, is it really worth the trade-off?

     I hope you enjoy these articles as they are written and that you become familiar with what is really being taught so you can safeguard yourself, your family and your friends from unknowingly joining the cult of unreality.