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Hello. I see you have found your way to our health and nutrition section of our web site. We hope the information presented herein is beneficial to your the well-being of your life. We do our best to give accurate information on the latest discoveries in the area of health and nutrition. Although bodily exercise profitteth little according to the Holy scriptures, it doesn't say not to get any exercise or follow some healthy guidelines already presented in scripture. Our bodies, if you are a Christian, are the temple of the Holy Spirit. If you are overweight or have some other medical condition, I know things can be turned around through diligence, prayer, and encouragement because YOU can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengtheneth you. The important thing is for any person to first have good spiritual well-being and diligence in the things of God. That will actually overflow into the natural and mental realms of your life. Keep God first and other things will follow.

Disclaimer on Health and Nutrition Advice

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