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Tea Party Town Hall Meeting Report
Tea Party Town Hall Meeting Report
(October 14th, 2010; Robert Marino)

Apathy, apathy, apathy! I must start off this newsletter with those words. A month ago at one of our intercessory prayer meetings, God had shown us that the majority of the Body of Christ is in apathy (laziness, lack of concern, lethargy, indifference). I just don't understand. I had sent an email out to 500 people and asked them to pass on the information to have as many people as possible to show up for this event. Zero. Yes, zero showed up. I am upset and I am mad to be honest.

Everyone sends me political stuff through email, some of which is false or not even researched. We have time to forward emails all day to the same people over and over - people that's just preaching to the choir. If we are so bent out of shape about what is going on in Washington D.C., on a state level, on a city level, and on a county level, shouldn't some of you start getting more active and do something that will actually make a difference? Zero showed up. Forwarding emails to the same old people day after day seems like a bunch of complaining but an unwillingness not to do anything that will really make a difference.

Pastors, this is it. If you don't start to speak up in your pulpits about what is going on, don't complain when the little wolfies come by and shoot your sheep and take their fur and give it to someone else. This is our last chance - this election. Things have to be turned around NOW. Look at the damage done in two years on a federal level. Half of the state governors are sold out to bailout money and Washington now. Do you really think you are a priority much less God anymore? Do you even have a clue how corrupt the Democratic Party is now and half of the Republican Party is on a federal level? All right I am done slamming but I am disappointed with everyone and I don't want any more political email-forwards from anyone except you Patricia P. (please send minimal amounts though). I am just going to wear out my delete button on the rest of you that are fence-riding. I love you but for God's sake do something more than just forward emails. That would be like me preaching a hardcore repentance message to a bunch of people who are more sold out to God than myself. I would be smart to go on Youtube and jump into discussions with strangers who need to hear.

Politics isn't my calling per se and I am not to put a ton of time into this stuff but I take seriously election time and WHOM we should be voting for as Christians. This is a fight against the New World Order. People from other countries (Venezuela, Australia) have now started Tea Parties because they see that this just isn't an American thing only anymore. Apathy, apathy, apathy! I will say no more and go into what happened last night.

We had 8 candidates show up. We had candidates from the Tea Party, Independent Party, Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, and one new godly Republican. Non of the Joe Blow Six-Packs that are already in office or who have been a staple in our Ohio, Trumbull, and Federal diets for years thought enough of YOU people of this area to even show up because they knew they were going to get hit with some tough questions. Maybe they knew The Sacred Cowtipper was going to be there. Yeah right! I did have a really good question to slam them with. I just wanted to see their faces turn read and smoke come out of their nostrils and ears but the Joe Blow Six-Packs didn't show.

Another reason why they didn't show up is because they have bought almost all of the radio and TV advertising up already because they got people dumping BIG money into their campaigns who have big pockets. George Soros dumped $30,000 into traitor Tim Ryan's campaign. By the way, Tim Ryan has a MVOC on his campaign team. MVOC is the same corrupt ACORN under a new name. These guys are all bought and paid for. They think many of you are what the communists call “useful idiots”. They buy you and use you for your vote until they gain power and they could care less and have no use for you later. I just tell it like it is. Sorry. Why do you think bailout money was quickly given to the auto industry? It's mostly union people who vote party line and not their conscience. They needed to be appeased to keep the majority of the votes coming in this election. Most auto workers will vote democratic because they are afraid of what their friends will say if they take a stand.

I videotaped 95% of the meeting but I am not going to waste my time doing all the work involved in putting it on Youtube for those who lived within ten miles and didn't show up. My time and my personal money is too valuable to waste on the non-committed so I am going to give it to you in a nutshell and hopefully you will pass on this email and the next two emails that Patricia Paridon will soon be comprising. Her list will be a list of candidates to vote for that every Christian can go home with a pure conscience after walking out of that voting booth. If you are PROLIFE, and want someone who can't be bought out, take her list serious when I forward it to you. I have talked with her and she takes all of this very serious and it is costing her much of her personal time to be doing this. Please don't make her efforts in vain. She has spent hours and hours contacting all of the candidates and talking to them about the Christian issues. We cannot go any longer with even the slightest bit of compromise and think God's blessing will be on this country. Read your Bibles on how God saw compromise with the nation of Israel and what happened to them. They brought judgment on themselves.

So in a nutshell and that doesn't mean I am a nut:
I actually shook the hand of Mr. Jimbo Traficant. He's a lot bigger man than I had thought. I have to say this for Jim - Jim has a lot of charisma. I think he missed his call to be a Pentecostal preacher. Jim brought the first fire to the meeting. Jim is more of an economic conservative. I am not sure where he stands on the abortion issue yet. Patricia should have that information soon. He is what is considered a blue dog democrat but I think when Jim was in prison that he finally realized what his party had become. I said this before - Jim got railroaded. The democrats had to get him out of their party so they turned on him. I don't know of one blue dog democrat on a federal level anymore.

Pryce is a good name to remember and has even written a book on Healthcare that would actually only cost $1,200 per American per year. Being a physician, he knows where a lot of wasted money ends up.

Robert Owens? What can I say about Robert Owens? Hmmm. Well, if you don't vote for this guy for Attorney General of Ohio, I am going to come to your house, pull you outside, give you a whoopin that you won't forget, then give you another whoopin, and then another. You get the point. This guy not only quoted out of the Bible, he actually knew what he was talking about. He wants to bring sovereignty to the state of Ohio so that Obama cannot push his Healthcare in our state. He is totally outspoken on the abortion issue and that God CANNOT bless this country when we are killing the innocent. This guy has a real good head on his shoulders. Vote for Owens or Die! I may even have a bumper sticker made with that slogan.

We had some other good men there like Geno Capone who I had the pleasure to talk with when the meeting was over. Geno is just a regular guy who sees our country going to pot and wants to do something about it and that is literally why he is running - he is not looking at this as a career.

Jim Graham was at another rally so he couldn't make it but he had a spokesperson there for him. Graham sounds like a good candidate.

There were a few other guys that didn't say much but they seemed to be godly men. I'm done. My shortest article ever. Be happy about that.

Keep an eye on two more emails that I will be forwarding from Patricia Paridon so you can make a final no-compromise, intelligent decision when you walk into the dark corridors of the infamous voting booth. Patricia, get that list to me ASAP.

God Bless America and Good Night!
The Sacred Cowtipper

P.S. Anyone who votes their pocketbook in this election worships money and not the God of the Bible that I believe in and they will have some serious answering to do on Judgment Day. If you even slightly care about your children, do the right thing.