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What is True Repentance and True Revival?
(February 19th, 2011; Written by: Robert Marino)
I had a discussion with a fellow minister on YouTube about revivals and we came to this conclusion if a revival was of God or not. That is the reason for this video and this article.
First of all, there are six things to look for if a revival is of God or not:
1)     Is there preaching on repentance - not merely getting those to admit they are sinners?
2)     Is there godly sorrow for sin and a crying out for mercy after one has heard the gospel presented that is if the gospel was ever really presented in the first place and if it was the true gospel?
3)     Is there true lasting repentance where people have put Jesus first place in their lives and have got rid of their idols including entertainment?
4)     After the so-called revival, are the people following Jesus, or are they following some person that may have been the highlight of that revival?
5)     Do they now take the Word of God serious or are they caught up into signs and wonders?
6)     Do they chastise someone who questions a supposed move of God by rejecting God's Word that is given to them by that individual?

I have a formula and an evangelistic teaching on what true repentance really is and I am going to give it to you in a nutshell. I am posting it today and I hope every minister, pastor, and evangelist takes this serious because you will be amazed how many people we talk to on the streets who claim to be saved but have no evidence in their lives that back it up. I guarantee you that someone had them repeat a prayer when they had no intentions of turning from their sins and following God and then pronounced them saved. These people have taken God's grace in vain and are living in fornication, idolatry, blasphemy (destroying the name of God because of their lifestyle), and so on and so on.

Anyhow, here is the formula.
A = (admit you are a sinner): If you don't see your sins for what they are, why would you feel you had a need for a Savior? Good preaching and teaching, should bring about "A", where the person sees their sin for what it is and realizes that they NEED a Savior.
C= (confess your sins): get your sins out in the open. If you come to the light, your sins will be exposed so put them on the altar. If one doesn't confess his sins to God, he is holding on to them. You need to get rid of them. Just as the High Priest under the Old Covenant would confess the sins of Israel over the scapegoat, we need to confess our sins to Jesus, the High Priest of the New Covenant. God knows your heart, what you have done, what you have thought, and what you have said that are contrary to His holiness. He wants you to confess your sins to Him so that YOU realize what you have done so that it is out in the open and that NOW that can be purged from your life. We tend to generalize our sins but we need to get specific so the Holy Spirit can work in that area of your life.
GS (godly sorrow THAT LEADETH TO) repentance: this of course is not repentance because it wouldn't lead to repentance if it was. Godly sorrow is when one really sees how THEIR sin put Jesus on the cross, and why He shed great drops of blood in the Garden of Gethsemane when He agonized over taking on all of mankind's sins at the cross, how they have been living a disgraceful life or a self-righteous life and they begin to despise the very sin that separates them from the One who showed them the greatest love.
F (forsake your sins): When you actually have the ATTITUDE to forsake your sins and sinful lifestyle and turn from them AND THEN turn to God.
TR (true repentance):
True repentance is a life that brings forth these fruits.
o     They continue to confess their sins.
o     They continue to commune with the Lord.
o     They continue to go toward a holy walk & obedient lifestyle.
o     They continue to allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify, consecrate, and separate them from the ways of the world which would be the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, & the pride of life.
o     They allow the Holy Spirit to make them a vessel of honor for He is the potter and we are merely the clay.
o     They continue to follow Jesus and His Words.
o     They hunger and thirst after righteousness and are not content with just getting a Sunday-morning snack.
o     They have an appreciation for His grace and the blood He shed for them as payment for their sins.