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Fishing for a Joint
(Robert Marino; 1986 c.a.)

There I was out in a secluded bay at Mosquito Lake in Bazetta, Ohio with my buddy Marko P. As was our custom of the time, we would take our sneakers off, remove our shirts, wade out into the water up to our armpits and cast and cast, and cast until we caught fish. And we did do quite well back then for not knowing much about how to catch fish - we were just persistent. Then again, if you fish as much as we did, one of two things was going to happen- either you were going to start to grow fins or you eventually were going to catch some fish.

So there we were wading out up to our armpits in this secluded bay, and casting small #1 spinners when the Holy Spirit threw a quick word (word of wisdom) through my brain. I heard this, "You are going out on a boat today." I didn't think much of it at the time to be honest with you - at least not yet. Anyhow, we continued on for a few hours when…

Yes, when all of a sudden, here putts in a boat into 'our' secluded bay. A man and woman beached their 18-footer onto the shore and tied their boat up to a tree as to anchor thereby. It looked like they were cooking up a lunch - maybe some walleye that they had caught. When they were done, I saw them untie the rope from the tree and get back into their boat. Now keep in mind that the 'word' I got earlier still had not clicked with me. You talk about dull of hearing. They then put their boat into reverse and were putting backwards before turning the boat around to go back out into the lake. After they had turned the boat around, the man yelled out, "Do you guys want to go out onto the lake?" Immediately, I remembered the 'word' that the Holy Spirit had given me earlier that I would go out on a boat that day. I said "Sure!" - not knowing if the man was a serial killer or not. He backed the boat toward us and killed the motor. We climbed in up the ski ladder in the back with our limited fishing gear and poles. Once we were in, he flew out into the middle of the lake and anchored.

Now we thought we were going to have the fishing time of our life. I'm sure Marko P. thought we were going to limit out on walleye too. Did I say I could be dull of hearing? Hey, at least I heard the Lord. Most aren't listening at all. So here we were barely anchored and the guy asked if we had a joint and if we got high. I just remember smiling and I said, "Yeah, we get high. We get high on the most high". And I am not talking about that off-the-wall stuff going on today (2010) with some people in the prophetic movement talking about 'toking the ghost or 'having a little Jehovahjuina'. That's nonsense and I feel borderline blasphemy.
Anyhow, when I told him we get high on the most high, his wife started laughing and laughing. I'm thinking "What is up?" I said, "Self, this is a very strange thing going on here right now." She spoke out then. She said, "I have been praying for him and God set him up big time." There was no doubt in that man's mind that God was real and a supernatural God at that point and he was now left with a decision to stay in his sins and go to Hell or to turn from them, believe the gospel and follow Jesus.
This was kind of like a Philip the evangelist and the Ethiopian Eunuch situation. "Hurry up Philip, catch up to the chariot" and there is the eunuch reading Isaiah 53 and asking Philip, "Who is this prophet talking about?"

This is why I talk about divine appointments so much. I can't remember everything that our evangelism group experienced over the years especially when we went out on the streets about 6 nights a week for over a year straight back around 1986. God wants to use His people but too many are more into their TV, games, sports, and hobbies. Since some of us got back out on the streets again on occasion over the last 4 years, we always feel like, "We were out here tonight for that person more than anyone else." Yes, we might hand out a ton of gospel tracts but there are always those or one person we know that is the one we were mainly out here for tonight. I just wonder how many people we talk to when we go out on the streets were being prayed for by a loved one - maybe a grandparent, a mother, a father, a sibling, a neighbor, a friend, etc. You know what though, we can't get out there every night and we can't talk to everyone. Everyone needs to do their part. Will you do yours?
A final word:
I hope this story encourages your faith and for you to share your testimony and to learn how to share the gospel biblically with others. Hell is a very real place and many are on the broad road of destruction according to scripture. Every day, at least 150,000 go off into eternity - most without Christ.s atonement.

If you would be willing to support financially in some way for our team of evangelists, please contact me. We can do a lot more if all of us didn't have to work full time jobs all of the time.