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Brittany's Life is Spared
(Candi Westerberger; March 28th, 2011)

I want to take a moment to tell you Brittany's story to the best of my knowledge so you know how your prayers have worked.
Brittany was in a near fatal car accident on Feb 22 on Rte 30 in Forest Hills. She lost control of her car on ice and hit a telephone pole with the side of her car. A few cars behind Britt was an EMS Specialist, who was the first responder. She was able to be rescued immediately by him because her convertible opened upon impact. There were 4 other EMTs who took Britt to the hospital within 13 minutes from the time of impact.

According to the EMTs, things looked grim for Brittany at the scene, and if it weren't for one of them knowing how to deal with head trauma victims, she would probably not have survived even at this point. Brittany suffered fractures to the side of her face and neck, and serious brain trauma. Her face and eyes were very swollen and black and blue, and she was on a ventilator. Brittany was totally unconscious and unresponsive for 6 days. This was such a nightmare, because we had no idea what was going to happen and how she would be. All we could do was talk to her and pray, and I also read one of the Chronicles of Narnia to her.

My sister and my daughter Tiffany were with Brittany on that 6th day when Brittany finally responded. Tiff and I were running through the hospital running and screaming! It was so amazing, because those responses gave us overwhelming hope.

The next week was such an emotional roller coaster, because Britt had great days and awful days. The cool thing that 2
happened that week was Britt gave the hospital Chaplain and other pastor friend's permission to pray for her. That week Brittany finally had to get a tracheostomy, but her health has improved ever since.

Now every day I see her she is stronger and healthier and thriving physically and spiritually. She told me she now wants to pray and go to church.

Her brain function and memory are near normal, which is an absolute miracle. Her walking is getting stronger daily. She is not going to need reconstructive surgery as her face is healing up.

She had severe damage to her right ear which is giving her some balance problems and she currently has no hearing in that ear. I do not yet have a clear picture about the ear injury, but I am asking God for a restorative miracle in her ear.

She just got home yesterday, and it is so wonderful to have her here. Before we left the hospital, we took her to the Trauma/Burn unit where she spent 16 days. A couple of the medical personnel did a double take when they saw her wheeled in. They said she is their superstar! Everyone in the hospital rehab was also amazed about how quickly she progressed, and all of the staff said she brightened the place up with her sweetness.

I can now clearly see how God was with her and us throughout this entire ordeal and I would like to mention that here now.
1. The accident happened in the path of an EMS specialist who knew how to treat brain trauma.
2. She was rescued through the roof of her convertible which opened during impact.
3. There was an ambulance and 4 EMTs nearby who got her to the hospital in 13 minutes.
4. She went to the best Trauma unit in the United States. It was obvious to me every person caring for her not only were experts in trauma, but extremely compassionate to her and our family.
5. She accepted prayer when she was able to say so. 3
6. We were bathed in prayer from so many people.
7. She has such an incredible sweet and positive spirit. Even when she was told she has potential permanent hearing loss, she simply smiled and said she was thankful to be alive and getting better.

I am amazed we were able to get through this without losing our sanity. Our faith in God is so strengthened to know He is with us and has us in the palm of His hands. Even in the times we felt hopeless, he gave us strength and hope.

The incredible amount of prayer and support has been overwhelming. I want all of you to know how much your prayers made a difference in Brittany's life. She is rapidly regaining her health and her faith in God has been restored. Thank you so much, and may God richly bless you for your faithfulness.

Candi (Brittany's mom)