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Bible Discoveries
The Bible, unlike any other book that is considered to be holy scripture, stands alone and proves itself to not only be a supernatural book that is God-the-Creator-inspired, but also has shown itself to be inerrant, infallible, and trustworthy. That's laying a lot of claim on something- isn't it? I will give one example as to it being a supernatural book. Over 3,000 prophecies have already come to pass about the nation of Israel, about the Messiah, and about God's bride the church. These were all predicted before they happened. It sounds like to me that the Creator of the Universe has put Himself through pains to let us know Who He is, What His will is, and Why He sent His Son to die for our sins. I hope you enjoy the following articles and that it strengthens your faith and brings you to a true relationship with the Creator.

Resurrection of Jesus: Fact or Fiction? (Robert Marino)