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What is True Science?
True science is when something can be done over and over again and you get the same results therefore proving that some law governs what takes place and can be relied upon in the future. I like to bring things down more to a layman's understanding to simplify things to the average reader nto that I am all that smarticulate myself.

A good an analogy would be a traffic violation that we will call The Law of Traffic Justice. So here we got Mr. Traffic Justice that governs the speed-rebellion continuum on Route 422. He brings the law down on everyone that violates the speed-rebellion continuum. Every single person that chooses to break the speed limit on Route 422 is given a speeding ticket every single time. Many people in the area obey Mr. Traffic Justice because they know that he doesn't play games with those who violate the law. So in other words, they know the LAW of TRAFFIC JUSTICE works every single time and has been proven to have the same results every time.

We know for a fact that known laws of science such as inertia or the laws of thermodynamics were and are set in motion by an outside source and the only time a law of science can be SUPERCEDED is if a powerful outside source defies that known law because that outside source has power over that law just like if Mr. Traffic Justice chose to let a speeder go. He has that power to do that if he pleases, and it goes against that law but that law cannot be changed unless he so chooses to change it by his power. An example of SUPERCEDING a known law would be Jesus walking on the water. Humans don't just walk on the water. You sink. Another one would be where God spoke the worlds into existence. You don't just speak worlds into existence unless you have the power to do that. That is the only way, time, space, and matter could come into existence at the same time. Something is always made out of something but in this case something was made out of nothing (Ex Nihilo) because we know the laws were put into place by Someone that is outside this understandable known Universe.