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Unfulilled Prophecies
The clock is ticking!
Signs of the Times

I would like to say that such people like Nostrodamus and Mother Shipton are not Prophets from God. They have foretold some prophecies that have taken place but have missed it most of the time.
Most of Nostradamus' prophecies give no timetable not to mention followers of him will try to make a future event fit the prophecy by REMOVING words, sentences or whole paragraphs from his quatrains.
The Bible says that we have a more sure word. Why? The Bible has been proven to be the only book that is backed up historically, prophetically, and scientifically. With over 10,000 manuscripts along with the Dead Sea Scrolls found in 1948, only about 12 verses (?) are hard to prove as being genuine. This is an awesome thing considering the earlier Bible books date roughly back to the time of Moses. It is basically in tact. Homer's Illyiad has 600 manuscripts to back it up and no one questions it. The number of manuscripts that back up any other book drastically decreases from Homer's book. It just amazes me that many, such as Dan Brown (The DaVinci Code) rather follow conspiracy and other such books as the Gospel of Judas (two beat up manuscripts) than to follow the tried and true Word of God (The Holy Bible).

In the Old Testament, if you were a prophet and you prophesied something that didn't come to pass, you were to be killed. That was God's way of keeping false propehts within the Israeli community from being deceived. Mother shipton and Nostrodamus would have been executed early on in their fortune telling whichis strictly prohibited in the word of God.