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How can I Support Mission Field America?

There are different ways to support Mission Field America and Gospel Tracks Ministries.

Prayer & Intercession for MFA and GTM
We ask for your prayers and intercession for our ministry.
We ask that you intercede for us that God would bring us divine appointments.
We ask that you intercede for those who will cross our paths so that they may hear the Word of God.

Pass the word along about Mission Field America and Gospel Tracks Ministries' existence
Since we don't have big bucks to give to google to get us a good position on the internet search engines, we need your help. Tell your friends, family, schoolmates, etc. that there are some real answers out there to questions that they may have.

We are a Stash Tea Retailer. So you can get healthy and buy tea from us.
You can buy copies of The Illuminator and have them sent to family, friends, relatives, enighbors, that guy at work that might be bearable to be around if he got saved, etc. One page of The Illuminator costs roughly $0.12 each once 10,000 copies or more are being produced. Right now we are going the unprofessional cheap route and just using the interent and blasting it for free. We don't mind doing that but it is hard to grow the ministry if it only costs us money. Our goal is to get The Illuminator into every home in America. We want America to wake up, start using their common sense again. We want them to see that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant, trustworthy Word of the Living God. We want it to create a hunger in people_________________--

Buy a cross. If you would like to carry a cross too, we will build you one. Ours took about 25 hours to build and $75.00. It is very light weight (less than half the weight) of Arthur Blessitt's cross even though it is bigger and more solid in construction. We will build one for you for $300.00 + shipping. You will have your cross and at the same time, youwill be supporting our ministry.