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The Sinner's Prayer
Will somebody show me that simple prayer to be saved? Where is it in the Bible? I know, its in Romans 10:9,10. Or is it? Was it meant for all people? Paul was being very specific here to what group of people this section of scripture he was projecting this to -the Jews. People confess things everyday without believing it in their heart. Believe in the Greek is to cling to, trust in and rely on. The Jews that Paul was trying to reach rejected the Old Testament scriptures that mentioned the coming Messiah would have to suffer for their sins. Paul is saying that if they could just see that Jesus was truly the Anointed One (Christ) all they had to do then was to call on His name and confess Him as Lord. They were already leading a repentant life (serving God the best way they knew how) so Paul did not have to preach repentance to them. They just needed the blinders taken off. When you read Romans 10:9, 10 in its context (read the verse, then the entire passage[Romans chapters 9 and 10]), and read it exegetically instead of isogetically, you will see that it isn't a general prayer, that if you can just get someone to repeat it, they are saved. They need to know why they need saved. Most people today are not living a repentant life, so we need to bring them through the law of God. Law to the proud (self-righteous) and grace to the humble. Most in America think they are good enough to make it to Heaven on their own merits, so what category does that put them in? That puts them in the proud category. That is no more a prayer than when Jesus said, let me show you HOW to prayer with the Our Father. Today, people pray the Our Father as if it is a specific prayer. Please read chapter 9 in Romans before you read chapter 10 and you will get a better picture of what Paul is saying there. I know some will brand me as a heretic because they never studied it out for themselves.