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Do You Got Some Papers?
(Robert Marino 1986 c.a.)

There I lay in bed sleeping. I had waken up but then tried going back to sleep. I tossed and turned for three hours. Sometimes I just am too stupid to realize that God is trying to get something across to me.
All of a sudden, my bedroom door flew open and hit the wall. Back in those days, the slightest creek in the floor would wake my mother up. She didn't awake. She knew exactly when you came home last night. On top of that, my brother was downstairs talking on the phone and he didn't hear it. I still remember whom he was talking to and what about. His ex-wife had called and was letting him know that she just found out that she had multiple sclerosis. I was ticked off because there were times that he just did things to irritate me. He was shocked when he realized that I was being serious that my door had flung open and hit the wall. He knew I didn't lie about things.
Anyhow, God use to wake me up a lot in my more-obedient days to intercede for others but the thought didn't cross my mind until I realized something supernatural had just taken place. To cover all grounds, I first took authority over the devil just in case it was he or one of his minions that flung my door open to put fear on me. Then I realized that God wanted me to get my lazy butt out of bed and pray for someone. There were times I would put on my jacket and go walk around town while praying. The fresh air would keep me alert and I wouldn't fall asleep. Doesn't the Bible say, “when ye STAND praying, forgive….” Had to throw that in there.
Anywhooo, there I was walking toward downtown Warren, Ohio. I prayed while walking and I was wearing my really cool ripped-up jean jacket. I had my 1980's big hair. My hair was long too - easily halfway down my back at that time. It's an awesome feeling to know that God will use anybody if they are willing and obedient.
Once I entered what is considered the downtown area, I heard someone calling from behind me, “Hey, do you got some papers?” I turned and looked and it was a very large black man about fifty feet behind me. Now keep in mind that I tossed and turned from 12:00am to 3:00am in the morning before I realized what was going on. So here I am about 3:10am in the morning, in the downtown area. And here is a big black man yelling out to me. I'm 5'8” and I estimated that this man was about 6'6” and about 280#'s. I weighed about 155#'s back then - a little dude in comparison. So seeing this monstrosity, yes, I said monstrosity, following behind me and yelling out to me, I turned back around and kept walking thinking this was the smart thing to do. The monstrosity chose to yell out the same words to me again, “Hey, do you got some papers?” I turned and looked and said to myself, “This man is following you, you better just keep on going little man.” He then called out to me a third time, “Hey do you got some papers?” About this time, the little man got ticked off; after all, didn't he know that I was walking around praying? Didn't he know I had a mission to complete? Didn't he realize I didn't want to be bothered?
Ticked off and all, I turned around, walked fifty feet back to this guy, looked up at him being the shorter one that I was, I said, “What?”
He said again, “Do you got some papers?” I really couldn't make out exactly what he was saying from fifty feet away but now that I could, I thought about it and realized what he was really asking. Then he said, “Do you get high?” Then I really knew what he was talking about. Let me think this through really quick here. “I have very long hair, I am wearing a ripped-up jean jacket, and I am walking around downtown in the middle of the night.” 2+2=4. I am no post-mdernist now am I? Well, he thought I was a burn out. That's funny because I never did any drugs and only got drunk twice in my life before I came to know the Lord. Just didn't see the big deal in doing that stuff. I go a much bigger thrill going around mooning people and committing adultery in my heart looking at every short skirt that went by. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Nobody is good enough to go to Heaven and that is why Jesus came - to make it possible for those who would forsake their sins, and obey the gospel to become a child of the Father.
I said to the monstrosity, “Yeah, I get high. I get high on the Most High.” I shared the gospel with him and he prayed to receive the Lord. This is just a thought but I think I was probably praying for him. After we prayed, I went back to walking and praying; I walked to the courthouse square and then back around down High Street. On my way down High Street, I saw him standing up against the Firestone Tire Shop's wall and I heard him singing hymns out loud. You talk about a very strange experience. The Holy Spirit went out of His way to get me out of bed to go pray and talk to someone who needed to get right with God. You can't tell me that God does not do all He can do to reach every person. People choose to reject still. Many will not turn from their sin.
See, God doesn't care what time it is. There is no time with God. He created time for mankind when He created the Universe. Sometimes you just have to put the flesh under. I hear so many people praying for revival or wondering why they don't see God move. Well, we were all a lot more committed 20 years ago and we walked a much holier walk 20 years ago. There is just so much compromise in the church today with so many things and we wonder why we don't see the miraculous happen but in such rare instances. I love seeing God orchestrate divine appointments.
Let's get back on fire. Let's count the cost. And let's go for it church. Will the true church please stand up? Let's cut off our “arms of the flesh”, obey God's commands, and then we can watch God move. Why do we make up our own programs and then say, “God, please bless this.” Jesus said, “If your eye offend you, pluck it out…” I believe it is time that we pluck out our “arms of flesh” and let God rule and reign in our hearts again.
Let's make sure that we have not become a friend of the world. He that is a friend of the world is not a friend of God.
James 4:4 states this to Christians, “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”

God Bless and I hope you enjoyed this true story.